Watering Hole Toy Figurine

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Water holes often dry out. Then all the animals have to move on and find a new water hole.

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The great dramas of life take place at the water holes in the savannah. All animals have to come here to drink and many predators wait here for their opportunity to hunt, too. Big cats on land and crocodiles in the water. The animals that come to the watering place are very wary. The Schleich water hole can be rearranged in many ways so that you can always have new Wildlife adventures when playing.
Set Includes:
1 x Watering Hole
3 x Plants
1 x Zebra Drinking
1 x Young Chimpanzee
1 x Lion Roaring
1 x Meerkat Standing
1 x Snake
1 x Scropion
1 x Centipede

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