Schleich toys are made around the world but all pass through quality and inspection in Germany.

From conception to final product, Schleich toys are developed with the assistance of parents, teachers, children, wildlife artists and experts and are especially designed for children’s hands. The designs of the figures are as realistic and naturalistic as possible. This enables children to experience the large variety of nature – from domestic animals on a farm to wild animals in the jungle.

Schleich injection-molds their figures at their company headquarters in Herlikofen, Germany. They are then shipped to their long-standing partners, who work exclusively for Schleich, in Portugal, Tunisia and China for painting. The figures are then shipped back to Herlikofen for packaging and distribution around the globe. Each figure carries the Schleich embossed label with the company name, headquarters, country of production and CE label so you may be sure that you are holding an authentic, Schleich product.

Each of the partner production facilities undergoes regular and strict quality controls and checks as part of Schleich’s quality promise. These quality controls include making sure the partner companies are ICTI/ISO 900 certified, or are undergoing the certification process, and the commissioning of independent, accredited testing institutes to test the finished products. Facilities are approved for production and may bear the Schleich-S tag only when they have proved they are complying with all applicable laws, standards and regulations.

Schleich also strives to maintain fair and pleasant working conditions at their international sites. For example, Schleich sent their managing director, and several additional employees, to Tunisia to see how the 1400 workers at that facility were weathering the political upheavals of 2011. Schleich figures are made in multiple locations around the world and are a well-traveled, international product whose production helps to raise the standard of living of many people around the world.