Surahs Feathered Foal Toy Figurine

The feathered foal wears exactly the same jewellery as her friend Surah.
Surah was overcome with joy when Nuray, her friend, recently gave her a colourful feathered foal as a present. Surah was speechless when she saw the magical animal for the first time – her coat was exactly of the same colours as her own wings. She cuddled and stroked the feathered foal – and from that moment on, the two of them have been the closest of friends. Since then, the elf has taken her new best friend with her everywhere. Their favourite place is a flat area by the stream, where Surah sits on the bank and watches the colours of her feathered foal´s coat reflecting in the water. Surah is proud of her new friend, and delighted to have her.

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