Big horse Show with Riders and Horses Toy Figurine

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In order to ensure that the horses don´t get injured, the stone walls used in show jumping aren´t made of real stone.

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The horse show is a big challenge for horses and riders. The thick stone wall requires their full concentration. But the big water jump is also tricky: many horses have shied away from the glittering water. By contrast, what makes the jumps made of poles and planks of wood so daunting to the riders is their height. The riders need to stay calm and not knock any of the poles off – and, of course, they need to be faster than the other competitors. The course can be rearranged in lots of different ways with the numerous obstacles, flags, trees and markings.

1 x Awards Podium
1 x Entrance Arch
21 Fence Sections
4 x Obstacles (red, blue, green, stone)
2 x Horses
1 x Water Hazard
7 x Course Markers
2 x Riders
2 x Topiaries
4 x Flag Poles and Flags
2 x Small Flags and Poles
2 x Saddles and Halters
3 x Ribbons
1 x Medal
1 x Horse Winner Wreath
2 x Sticker Sheets
1 x Manual

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