Riding arena Toy Figurine

Young riders have to practice a lot. The riding arena gives you a place where you can train your horse every day.

Soon the big horse show will take place. If you want to participate, or even win, you have to train almost every day. Therefore you see the rider with her favorite horse almost every day in the paddock. There is a course built, where horse and rider go through the exercises again and again, to perfect their ride. The two really enjoy practicing so much, after all they are not only a team, but really good friends.

Set includes:
1 x Covered Arena
1 x Fence (10 pieces)
1 x Rider
1 x Horse
1 x Saddle
1 x Birdle
1 x Blanket
1 x Halter
2 x Cavalette
1 x Straw
1 x Carrots

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