Stable with Horses and Accessories Toy Figurine

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The stalls in the new stable building are very large and all the horses feel very comfortable there.

It’s a wonderful day at the stables today. The sun is shining and the horses are grazing peacefully on the paddock. The stables are located in an idyllic spot on the edge of the forest, and the flowers are blossoming on the meadows and in the flower boxes at the stables. Sarah is returning from a ride with Maya, her Mustang mare. She has just tried her new saddle – and it fits perfectly. She will now rub down and brush her beloved horse and then give her fresh feed and straw. Then she will have a quick snuggle with the little Mustang foal before heading back home after a long, wonderful day at the stables.

1 x Stable
12 Fence Sections
1 x Rider
1 x Mustang Mare
1 x Mustang Foal
4 x Feeders
4 x Saddle Holders
4 x Feed Holders
1 x Bunch Carrots
2 x Green Apples
2 x Red Apples
1 x Hay Bale
1 x Straw Bale
1 x Head Stall
1 x Horse Blanket
1 x Saddle
1 x Pitchfork
2 x Flower Boxes
1 x Bridle
1 x Sticker Sheet
1 x Manual

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