Icelandic Pony mare 2015 Toy Figurine

The Icelandic horse is particularly popular with children because it is nearly the size of a pony. It is so powerful that it can also carry adults with ease.

In his native home Iceland, the robust horse lives year-round semi-wild outdoors. It does not mind the icy winds and the barren landscape because it has thick fur, especially in winter. In addition to Walk, Trot and Canter it has two additional gaits, the Tolt and The Flying Pace. With both, it seems that the horse and its rider float above the ground. This not only looks proud and majestic, but is also extremely fast. When doing the Racing Pace, an Iceland horse moves between 40-50 km / h.

Fun Fact: The Icelandic Horse has been pure bred in Iceland for 1000 years.

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