Team Roping with Cowboy Toy Figurine

In team roping, the cowboys/cowgirls only have three attempts to catch a calf with their lasso.
Team roping originated in the work of cowboys. In order to check their cattle for possible injuries or illnesses, they had to catch them. Often, it took two cowboys to catch larger animals. This gave rise to the rodeo event. In the event, the first cowboy or cowgirl throws a lasso over the horns or neck of the calf. The second cowboy or cowgirl throws a lasso around its hind legs. The cowboys/cowgirls do all this from horseback. They have to throw the rope with great accuracy and need to be excellent riders.

Set Includes:
Fence with 4 pieces
1 x Bull Skull
1 x Calf, exclusive to this set
1 x Cowboy with tack and rope
1 x Pinto, exclusive to this set

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