Smurf Set 2000-2009 Toy Figurine

More than 50 years of Smurfs from Schleich. So they had to feature in a "Best of" collection for the last 50 years. This set contains Smurf figures which were available from Schleich between 2000 and 2009. One of the Smurfs favorite pass times is playing football; this pack of five comes with a Smurfette Cheerleader, three Smurfs ready to play and a supporter. Smurfette can always be found cheering the Smurfs on, she is often joined at the sidelines by Lazy Smurf who is too sleepy to play. The 2000 - 2009 set is all about soccer with a Goal Keeper, Benchwarmer, Referee, Manager Smurfs, and a Fan Smurfette.

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