Battle Arena Toy Figurine

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In the battle arena, some men have become legendary heroes.

In the battle arena, the air is hazy with heat, dust and sweat. This is the place where brave men can become heroes − for this is where knights of all orders fight against Eldrador’s fiercest beasts. Only a master of combat who possesses the necessary courage and a touch of madness can survive the battle in the arena and leave the dusty circle on their own two feet − as a true hero. The gnarled dwarf Knurrom is the master of the combat arena as a whole. He arranges the battles and tends almost lovingly to his "cuddly animals". That is what he calls the beasts that he captures in Eldradors forests and deserts. Once he gives the signal, the battle can commence.

1 arena
6 wall pieces with walkway
4 cage pieces
1 portcullis
1 dwarf
1 pole with ball and chain
1 pennant set

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