Tyrannosaurus Rex Lt Green Toy Figurine

If this tremendous predator lost one of his dagger-shaped teeth, a new tooth grew again within a few weeks.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex looked very menacing though it was hardly able to use its two-clawed forelegs, as it could not even reach its snout with them. Standing nearly seven meters tall and measuring almost thirteen meters in length, the Tyrannosaurus Rex was probably not a good hunter but a scavenger living off the carrion left over by other animals. It had more than fifty teeth, each longer than 15 centimeters, which it did not use to chew his food but to rip it because it swallowed its food in large chunks. To improve its depth perception while foraging, the eyes of a Tyrannosaurus Rex faced forward allowing the field of vision of either eye to overlap.

With movable lower jaw!

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