Big Adventure at the Waterhole Toy Figurine

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The Timbavati Game Reserve is located in Kruger National Park, the largest game reserve in South Africa.

The Timbavati is a South African river and at the same time is the name of a beautiful wildlife reserve in the Kruger National Park. The "big five" can be marvelled at here. This term refers to five specific mammals: the African elephant, the black rhino, the African buffalo, the lion, and the leopard. In the past they were big-game hunter´s coveted trophies, but today they are protected by the gamekeeper. In the Timbavati Game Reserve you can sometimes even discover rare white lions.


1 x Waterfall
1 x River
1 x Watering Hole
18 x Reed Sections
6 x Fern Sections,br/> 8 x Agave Sections
1 x White Lion
1 x White Lion Cub
1 x Young Chimpanzee
1 x Black Mamba
1 x Scorpion
1 x Centipede
1 x Zebra Drinking
1 x Flamingo
1 x Manual

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